Zenit longboard is a Montreal (Quebec, Canada) based company that started rollin’ around 7 years ago. Since then, more than 30 different shapes have been created to reach the perfect design for every aspects of longboarding.

We at Zenit are driven by our passion to manufacture high quality, innovative longboards combining the finest materials with the latest technologies.

To make that happen, our boards are designed entirely with CAD software and we thoroughly test our prototypes before putting them on the market. We keep an eye on quality by designing and building each board in-house. Our plant is fully equipped with tools such as a customized CNC, vacuum presses and oven.

Technical info and fun facts


Each board is manufactured In-house, meaning we don’t do business with second-party manufacturers. Every board is 100% designed and produced by hand in our workshop in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


We only use the highest quality canadian maple veneers, which are typically used only for top and bottom plies on most skateboards on the market right now.


We only use Epoxy resin to glue our boards; usually used in the snowboard/surf industry, this glue is a two part high-strength adherent that dries much quicker than your standard wood glue. Being a two part resin, when the two parts fuse and start to cure they heat up and make for a better bond, going deeper into the wood grain merging the plies and epoxy. All of this results in a longer lasting board in terms of stiffness, pop, lamination and overall durability against the elements; (water, dirt and overall humidity).


At Zenit we take a lot of pride coming from the fact that we single press each board. Single pressing boards is one of the most important steps in the manufacturing process. Standard American manufacturing press 5 boards or even more at a time, resulting in 5 similar but very distinct variations. Zenit’s single pressed boards ensure that every board feels exactly the same and retains its shape, pop and ultimately long lasting lamination.


All boards are sanded by hand to perfection just like a surfboard. We have a detailed 5 step process that gives each board its unique rail and edge pattern, making it more ergonomic and longer lasting as well. It’s tedious, but makes for a high-end result for skaters to enjoy.


We prototype each board thoroughly and really try to keep in mind the variety of riders out there. Trying every possibility with trucks and wheels alike, making sure everyone can run their preferred setup and never have to worry about wheelbite, incompatible trucks, etc. Endless setup options.


The aesthetic is also a small but important detail we always strive to enhance. By trying many combinations with wood finishes and unique tinted epoxy patterns we take pride in our products by making them approachable by either youngsters and “adults“ alike. Working hand in hand with local artists to immerse the essence of Montreal and its local charm.

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