Camille Les Yeux

David Townsend

Ethan Galley



El premio es para los players!

Age : 30

Home Town: Argentina, currently in Andorra.

Favorite local hill: Bacon

Favorite setup: Zenit Mini Marble SK, bear kodiak 160mm, oranga 80, cult cerebrum .

 »From Patagonia to the world.
Love skateboarding and snowboarding, moutains bring me peace and joy.
Traveling and share the hills with the boardfamily its what life is for!
Always keeping faith and love. ?  »



Age : 24

Home Town : Monterey, California

Favorite local hill : Backside Mesa

Favourite all around setup : Marble 38, Cast Ronin Katanas, Rad Wheels Adam Person, and Zealous bearings

Favorite race setup : Rocket ReEntry Prototype, Ronin Katanas 124-134, Rad DH wheels, and Zealous Ceramic bearings

Been skating for almost 10 years racing for 7 years. Finished up school at CalPoly in San Luis Obispo, California and am now living in San Diego, California. Skating has dominated as the focus of my life and I plan to keep with it as long into the future as I can. There is so much passion in every angle of skating from the industry and craftsmanship to the global community and competition, to the introspective and artistic nature of self-progression. I feed off of all these angels and have obsessively immersed my mind in the world of skating. Hope to see you on the hill or at the next race!!


“Waking up eating some pop tarts” - Lil Uzi Vert

Age : 16

Home Town: Ottawa Ontario. Originally from Pluto.

Favorite local hill: The flat one

Favorite setup: Zenit Mini Marble DK, Paris Trucks, Ricta Wheels, Reds bearings

 »I’m a social butterfly most of the time. Freestyle Longboarding is where it’s at for me it brings me the freedom to express my emotions and myself and I make Instagram skate edits to display that. I am also a fashion enthusiast. I’ve been skating for about 4 years now but it has been an interest for me since I was 7 years old. »


Born to be happy

Age : 26

Home Town : Jeju, South korea

Favorite local spot : Sallok

Favorite all around setup : Zenit Mini Marble SK, Skoa Vapor, Remember collective Hoot 70mm

It has been almost 4 years since my life with skateboarding began. I love to feel the overflow of adrenaline when downhill skateboarding. And when I share this with my friends, the joy is doubled! I want to keep this good thing for a long time.

Louis-Philippe Dery

Mathieu Gagnon

Nicolas Desmarais

Peyo Dudon

L-P Déry

Enjoy the journey

Age : 22

Home Town : Quebec City, Canada

Favorite local spot : Trap a l’aigle

Favorite all around setup : Zenit mini-rocket, dont trip dh-cybins, seismic alphas.

Hi, my name is L-P Déry. I am a civil engineering student and a downhill skateboarder. I ride bicycles and snowboards aswell. I’ve been skating for the past ten years and it has always been a passion for me. Skateboarding always brings me new challenges and goals that I want to pursue, on the short term and long term aswell. Skating and racing has brought me all across America and Europe in some of the most beautiful places in the world and on some of the best trips of my life! Life is a journey, always enjoy it to the fullest!


Zay Zay

Age : 20

Home Town : Châteauguay, QC, Canada

Favorite local spot : La pine du jaseux

Favorite all around setup : Mini Marble SK, Bear kodiaks, Lil hoots

for me, downhill skateboarding is more than just going down a hill on a piece of wood, it’s something that allows me to express myself through my style of riding, to make new friends, it forces me to travel, to visit new places and to sacrifice a lot


Everything happen for a reason

Age : 38

Home Town : Sherbrooke

Favorite local spot : 16 iles

Favorite all around setup : Mini Marble, Glitch 165mm, Divine Crucible

I like challenges, racing, fast riding on my skate, my MTB and my snowboard. I am excessive in everything I do. I work as the provincial and national development snowboard team. And by the way I lift, do you ?


Ride for fun

Age : 30

Home Town : France – Barcelona, Spain

Favorite local hill : Muntanyula-Skatan-Pal

Favorite setup: Mini rocket-ronin 145mm 45/25-powell 75mm

 »I am passionate about speed, and mountain roads with everything around them. Being able to share this adrenaline and love for sport with friends or not is priceless and brings me all the happiness in the world.

Rosanne Steeneken

Tristan Taillon

William Beaulieu

Xin ti tsai


Try scary things, you are already sweating anyway.

Age : 23

Home Town : Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Favorite local hill : 3 country point

Favorite all around setup : Zenit Marble 38 & Seismic Wheel – Skoa & Paris

Downhill skater from the flatlands. I’m a Director of Photography in my own agency with another DH skater. Skating brought me my best friends and memories over the length of 5 years. After a gnarly accident, I cant skate how I would like it anymore. Still I love to be with the Zenit fam.


"Who try nothing get nothing"

Age : 24

Home Town : Bellefeuille

Favorite local hill : Le droit de l’infinie

Favorite all around setup : Zenit Drake with Glitch trucks and Sector 9 wheels

I’m from Bellfeuille but I moved from my hometown to Montreal specifically for downhill skateboarding. In Montreal we are blessed with a small mountain in the middle of the metropolis to use as our playground. Skateboarding gives the possibility to meet amazing people and see amazing places, I’m glad I’m part of it. I’m super excited to now work with Zenit, a local brand made my friends and people I respect. Great things are coming and I can’t wait!!


sacre moi ça à broil

Age : 22

Home Town : Quebec City, Canada

Favorite local spot : voisine de la voisine

Favorite all around setup : Mini Marble, 160mm Liquid trucks, 35° in the back 50° in the front, Rad Advantage 78a

« You don’t quit skateboarding because you’re old, you’re old because you quit skateboarding ». I skate because I freaking love it. I feel like I’m at my full potential and at my happiest when I go down a hill. It’s that feeling that really got me hooked on the sport. Plus, the tops of mountains really are my favorite views and I get to enjoy that everytime I go skate, which really isn’t so bad. Being able to do all this with friends puts the cherry on the cake and that’s why everytime I skate, I am grateful I get to do something I love and that fullfills me.


Amazing your life

Age : 22

Home Town : Taiwan Kaohsiung city

Favorite local hill : Kaohsiung city spots

Favorite setup : Tero 42 & Judo 44,Paris savant truck, Zenit wheels

Hello,I’m xinti Tsai ! About three years ago,I started skateboarding. I like both dancing and freestyle, but I do prefere dancing because HIP HOP Dancing let me relax more and freestyle can push me towards more challenges.
And my team 『Alivelongboardshop』usually hold parties, makes me enjoy my time on it.

Yuta Murai

Julien Casenave

Jérémie Rios

Sam Blondeau


No pain no gain

Age : 26

Home Town : Hachioji city, Tokyo Japan

Favorite local spot : kinuta park, Shin-yokohama park, Hachioji Planet park

Favorite all around setup : Mini Marble DK, independent truck 159, zuru wheel / spitfire wheel

Hello! I am Yuta Murai. You can call me Mura! I’m a Japanese longboarder skating in Tokyo area. I like a lot of types of skateboarding, street, park, freestyle, ramp, and freeride. I’d love to enjoy all the types. That’s the style I’ve aimed for. Let’s skate with me someday in Japan! Peace.



Age : 30

Home Town : Biarritz – France

Favorite local hill : Secret Spot in Basque Country !

Favorite setup:
– best board for fast freeride :
Rocket V3, skoa vapor, powell peralta krimes
– And board for classic freeride :
Mini marble DK 36, paris truck savant, remember hoots

 »I love fast freeride, surfing and custom motor bike! I’m president of a longboard association -> Euskal Freeride Longboard, the objectif is to creat new longboard event! I love my life !  »


Be here now

Age : 20

Home Town : Saint-Hyacinthe

Favorite local hill : Any Hills and spot that I can ride whit my Longboard.Big Hills like Paris or Vancouver ! Or just some calm spot in nature, just riding every place that give me freedom , cause riding my board give me that feeling of liberty.

Favorite setup: Both mini Dancers (Dino & Tero), always trying new wheels and trucks but always get back to Paris (savant) (V2), and orangatang wheels (fat free) always riding whit 65mm wheels or under on my freestyle board.

 »Behing Longboard , I like playing drums, listening music, video games , sport , snowboard , I love beach and swiming in the water , simplicity stuffs. Forest , camping , traveling… A lot of things :).

Just want to do what I love and be with the ones I love.


I reject your reality and substitute my own.

Age : 23

Home Town: Montréal

Favorite local hill: All of them

Favorite setup: Marble 38 with Zenit 60’s and broken in Paris Savants

 »Salut! Whatever style comes to mind when I’m thinking of skateboarding is how I like to skate, otherwise I spend most of my time in my local skatepark. The feeling you get when you’re on your board is so unique; it’s you, your board, and the road, nothing else. Adrenalina, baby!
Snowboarding’s a big passion of mine along with science, languages, and travelling.
Maybe we’ll share a session one day, who knows? »

David González Reyes


Try it

Age : 22

Home Town: Mexico City

Favorite local hill: Malinalco Freeride Track

Favorite setup: Marble 38/ 35, not sure about trucks and anything Powell SSF for wheels.

 »Give me a skateboard and I’ll have fun. Also, I’m a mechatronics student, video maker and skateboarding instructor. »

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