AB 2.0
AB 2.0

AB 2.0

Long lasting, thin and still flexible.

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  • Range of smoothness/ease of riding
  • Skating for transportation and long distances with minimal effort and maximum speed.
  • Range of the board's rigidity. (flexy - stiff)
AB 2.0

Designed for the everyday commuter, the AB is compact, light, and extremely strong.

It is pressed in our new Panini construction which consists of five plies of hard rock Canadian maple with biaxial fiberglass reinforcements between each ply, triaxial fiberglass and an extra carbon fiber sheet.

This will give you a board that is long lasting, thin and sturdy, but still flexible.

Measuring only 34 inches by 9.25 inches, it is the perfect size for pushing, city cruising and mild downhill.

The AB features a one inch dropped platform, a drop thru truck mounting, a wide platform, a mellow concave, and wheelbase options.  This design makes it stable at high speed and great at pumping down the street. The ideal city commuter.

The AB 2.0 is the ultimate tool for commuting: lightweight and compact, with a low platform for easy pushing.

Double Drop

AB 2.0

The AB 2.0 has an improved concave, the 1” drop is now more progressive for a comfier standing platform.


The deck tapers from 9.5” to 9.1” to allow easier maneuverability in tight spaces.


With a 28.5” wheelbase, this board will be stable at speed, while still being nimble enough for dodging traffic and pedestrians.


2Patch Construction

AB 2.0

5 plies of hard rock Canadian maple, high-end epoxy resin, four plies of biaxial fiberglass and two plies of trixial fiberglass. This delaminate proof board is an everlasting mix of light, thin, and poppy.

For 2018, we went completely overkill with the construction, making it even more durable from the 2017 model.


Featuring fiberglass reinforcements in the high stress areas, the AB 2.0 has a consistent flex throughout that won’t get soggy overtime.


With carbon fiber on the bottom, 2 full triaxial fiberglass sheets + a 5ply maple core, bonded with high-strength epoxy, this deck can withstand all kinds of abuse: from harsh winter roads to wet bike paths.

AB 2.0 (board only)


AB 2.0 Complete


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  • Protect you from
  • Wood Delamination, Board Warping, Manufacturing Defect

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