technicality and control

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  • Range of smoothness/ease of riding
  • Technical tricks inspired by street skating: flips, spins and jumps mixed together.
  • Using the length of the board to do stylized steps and freestyle tricks.
  • Range of the board's rigidity. (flexy - stiff)

Zenit’s 2018 Dancing lineup was designed to really accommodate every type of rider.
With three distinct shapes all based around the same mold we made them to emulate different riding styles as well as being suited for many varieties of riders.

Having a board that fits your shoe size as well as your overall body proportions really helps with control and precision, either in dancing lines or complex freestyle tricks. Different sizes also mean that the weight changes from one board to another, meaning the biggest one will be the heaviest and most boaty while the smallest will be the lightest and most nimble.

Even though we recommend a smaller board width for smaller feet, it’s all based on personal preferences. Ride what you like and how you like it !



The Judo is our most technically oriented dancing board, focused on freestyle. With it’s big round kicks, you can be sure that this board will be flying left and right. Like most street skates, the Judo has big round kicks to really elevate the level of control when doing aerial tricks, as well as a plethora of manual combos and such. The thinner platform is also best for those who have smaller feet simply because you will always have an edge under your feet, meaning more control and confidence. Technicality and control is really what the Judo is all about!



Six plies of hard rock Canadian maple are sandwiched between two layers of triaxial fiberglass. Flexible feel without being flimsy. The perfect flex to bounce ratio.





































Our classic dyed epoxy construction paired with the flair of Montreal’s local artists.
Jerry 30000’s art really gives an overwhelming feeling of joy and fluidity. Dying the epoxy means that the colours are integral part of the board, stained on to last a lifetime.






























5 plies of hard rock Canadian maple, high-end epoxy resin, four plies of biaxial fiberglass and two plies of trixial fiberglass. This delaminate proof board is an everlasting mix of light, thin, and poppy.

2018’s new dancer boards feature six plies of hard rock canadian maple sandwiched between our timeless dyed epoxy fiberglass. A wide unidirectional carbon fiber stringer is laminated on the bottom to enhance control, pop and stiffness. This allows us to make boards that have nice damp characteristics while still keeping it crisp, snappy and durable.

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  • Protect you from
  • Wood Delamination, Board Warping, Manufacturing Defect

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