Peyo Dudon

Robert Gébel

Mathew Buck

Vincent Parenteau



Age : 28

Home Town : France – Barcelona, Spain

Favorite local hill : PATO.SKATAN, SANCTUARY

Favourite setup: Zenit Rocket V2, Aera k5 46/30, Harfang Absolute 78a

”Hey i’m Peyo but everyone calls me Peypey, Im originally from France and moved to Barcelona to shred hills with my fave buddies #MNKYSCRW , I ride mostly fast downhill and I can also shred on pretty much all types of boards !!! skate safe and have fun.”

Bobby Bagel

Bagel master

Age : 21

Home Town: Currently Living in MTL North

Favorite local hill: CH, TRH bar, cemetery runs
Favourite setup: Zenit Morning wood with real loose trucks and any wheels !!

”Skating for me is an extension of how I feel and perceive myself at that particular moment in time. All I ever want is to get that fresh feeling of a smooth grind and then “save it” or of a precisely placed predrift into a lovely summers afternoon full of friends and fun.”

Matty Boy

Make room for the little things

Age : 19

Home Town: Valencia, California

Favorite local hill: Repub.

Favourite  setup: Zenit Missile, Don’t Trip Trucks 160mm, 50° front 30° rear, and Abec 11 Flywheels

”I ride mostly surfy, but fast downhill. I freeride as well and I like to get creative with lines down a run.”


Vinz "lagougoutte" Parenthèse

Pamphile moi ça

Age : 24

Home Town: Sherbrooke (SLC)

Favorite local hill: NCDH

Favourite setup: Zenit Marble 38, Kodiaks and Harfang Absolute 78a

”I started downhill skateboarding in 2010, been interested in grippy wheels and races ever since. I spent a few summers in British Columbia, spent a lot of time in Whistler and the Okanagan Valley. Then I lived a year in Vancouver, skated west Vancouver every weekend.

Julien Casenave

Jérémie Rios

Mathis Bédard-Sabourin

Sam Blondeau



Age : 27

Home Town : Anglet – France

Favorite local hill : Secret Spot in Basque Country !

Favourite setup: City;Zenit Morning Wood/Independent 169/Zenit Wheels 60’s
DH-Freeride; Zenit Marble 38/Skoa vapors/Zenit Wheels 70’s

I’m a French longboarder, I live in Basque Country and I love to do freeride, and fast freeride.
I love my country because there are lots of really good spots to practice the sports I like. Therefore I’ve always been open to many other disciplines such as Surfing, Buttboarding and even Trike moto bobber style !
Three years ago I founded the Euskal Freeride Longboard Association.
Being Founder and President enables me to get closer to the community and have a direct impact on the longboard scene by helping with events and general stoke spreading. ! ”



Age : 18

Home Town : Saint-Hyacinthe

Favorite local hill : Big parks is where it’s at

Favourite setup: Zenit Marble 40, Paris Savants 165mm, Orangatang 86a keanu

”I’ve been riding for a little while now. Always looking for new tricks to learn whether it’s freestyle, dancing or even downhill and freeride. My style is more freestyle oriented but I like to ride halfpipes and street parks. Eventually I want to be able to mix flatland freestyle with downhill freeride; that would enhance my own style even more.”

Mat Bedz

Crack Slugs ?

Age : 16

Home Town: Montreal, NDG

Favorite local hill: Hot Pursuit

Favourite setup: Zenit Rocket V2, Bear Kodiaks, Hawgs Adam Yates Pro Model and Vicious Grip

” I’m skating anyytime I can since 2015. With water, music and a couple of tuna cans, I can skate all day. I love freeriding, trying to do some DH the most I can and I just started street skating on the Morning Wood !” 


Enjoy life and Smile

Age : 21

Home Town: Longueuil

Favorite local hill: Cooks Brooke Road, Nova Scotia
Favourite setup: Zenit Jig, Paris 180’s and 67mm hawgs

”I’m 21 years old and full of joy. When I’m not studying Linguistics at Concordia, I love to spend my time outdoors: longboarding, biking, exploring, you name it, I’m down!
I switched to longboarding from skateboarding when I was younger, but I still incorporate a lot of my roots into my current style. I’m a dancer but I like to mix in a lot of freestyle and flatground.”

Jules Nadeau

José Vicente De Icaza

Lucien Topart

David González Reyes

Jules Le Roi


Age: 17

Home Town: Stanstead QC / Montreal

Favorite local hill: Mt tremblant’s Luge Track

Favourite setup: Zenit Rocket V2 with Lite Reys with Venom Bushings, wheels depend on how I’m feeling but I really enjoy the K-Rimes Pro Models from These Wheels.

”Downhill skateboarding got me to visit new places and to meet incredible people all around the world. I’ve been riding for five years now. You can usually catch me riding downhill with the guys from La Structure but I also enjoy getting sideways.”



Hairpins > Straights

03/10/1994 – 13/05/2017

Home Town: Guayaquil, Ecuador

Favorite local hill: Shenlong Hill.
Favourite setup: Zenit Marble 38, Aera k4, Otangs

In his last weeks he was living his dream, skating the alps and sharing time with amazing people. He died doing what he loved most and we believe he’s in a better place now, skating with the great ones in paradise. What José learned us is that life is meant to be liven and you should make the most of every moment.“


You got to pay to play

Age : 21

Home Town: Quebec city, Canada
Favorite local hill: Eagle Crest (Cap à l’aigle)
Favourite setup: Zenit Marble 38, Paris trucks 43° and whatever wheels available !

”I’ve been riding longboards for pretty much 5 years now. I like to freeride slippery wheels as much as cruising downhill and gripping corners. I don’t race too much, chill runs with friends are the greatest times for me.”


Just one more try

Age : 20

Home Town: Mexico City

Favorite local hill: Malinalco Freeride Track
Favourite setup: Zenit Rocket, Winged Munkaes 44.5°, RAD Advantages – proto wheels

”I’m a skateboarder from Mexico City and usually do freeride and downhill but recently I’ve been getting into freestyle and park. I’m a mechatronics student, a video maker, and an instructor at a local skateboarding school.”

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